For those that like hanging loose, the boxer is the ideal comfort underwear garment to wear. At the same time it offers no support to your genitals and a boner will go where ever he wants to. It is an ideal garment to wear with loose-fitting shorts, pants, trousers. It is not good for wearing with the Slim, Skinny or any other snug fitting styled jeans or pants. Depending on the drape and cut of the boxer it can be short in length and styled with a slim fit, or it can be almost knee-length and loose in fit. The fly is always a vertical cut, which may have a fastener or not to close the fly. The fabric weave may be a woven fabric or a knit fabric. Colors and patterns vary enormously, which gives this garment a huge fashion appeal. Choices of fabric may include, cotton, cotton blends, silk, nylon or today’s microfibers. It can be worn either as underwear or as sleepwear. It then has a high degree of comfort with its loose deign. Snugger fits and shorter length are also possible for this basic style.

One thought on “Boxers

  1. RP says:

    For those days I want to hang loose in shorts or as my daily sleep wear the comfort cant be beat. I know my Boner has a place to move around while sleeping and waking up to Morning Wood. Plus there are all those nice patterns to choose from.

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