Cheapest Internet for the iPad

June 19, 2010 in News & Info by brok1881

Ok, so if you own the new Apple iPad, you probably don’t have much money left for internet service.  That is if you bought the iPad without a service plan, which really is the best way to go.  I won’t ever (again) get sucked into that 2-year contract b.s.  I myself don’t own an iPad, but if Apple enjoys my blog, and would like a permanent ad-spot on my blog, they could very easily send me one ;).  So anyways, back to the inexpensive internet.  Basically you are going to get the cheapest Mobile Broadband Internet plan, and use a wireless router to put off a WiFi signal.  So once you power this bad boy up, up to 60 people will be able to get WiFi from this little box that fits in the palm of your hand.  Of course there is security on the router so you can limit the amount of users to just you or a friend.  ANY WiFi device will be able to use this routers WiFi internet signal.  Take it on vacation, on the plane, in the car, camping, wherever you want.  Be sure to look at the coverage maps though.  Cricket is cheaper because it’s new, but if you’re in the service area, it works pretty good.
Items you will need:

Total Startup = $35 after rebate – 1st Month Free (5GB cap before service is slowed, but no overage fees)

Total startup=  $90.99 (after Cricket’s $50 mail-in rebate)
Monthly Cost= $40.00
AT&T’s price = $12.50 per GB/month
Cricket’s price =$8.00 per GB/month
That’s a savings if $4.50/month per GB, almost 3X the amount of data allowance, with no overage fees, and no contract.  You tell me which is better. 
Plus, you can use the router for your home internet, office internet, school internet, wherever you want.  With the iPad AT&T data plan, it’s strictly for the iPad.  So if you are looking at a cheap way to get internet for any WiFi mobile device, this is the way to go. 
Of course, depending on your service area.