Jockstrap (Jock)

Considered by many the most masculine of underwear, in its form, function and shape. Essentially deigned for the athlete for protection during contact sports or where a ball or object like a puck is free to be thrown about. The design is basically a knitted pouch with a wide waistband and two leg straps to hold the genitals in a confined space. With the addition of a protective plastic or metal cup that is inserted into another pouch, in front of the groin area, so that if struck there by any object, the force gets dissipated to the pelvic bone, rather than onto the testicles. My preference when wearing this option for sports is to wear a swimmer jock first and then the hard cup jock over that swimmer jock. Why? because you never want any direct contact of the plastic cup onto your testicles or penis. To do so will cause a lot of pain. That additional space difference provided by wearing the swimmer jock and keeping your package as far away as possible from the plastic or metal cup area, can make all the difference when you get hit there. Wearing a  compression short with a cup holder gives even more spacial room. Besides athletic wear, Street Jocks are a more fashion designed version of a jock now readily available to wear under shorts or jeans. This kind of fashion design underwear is not a substitute for the athletic design jock. Each may have a place in your ward robe, for different purposes.

Also available is the jock-brief. You may have a full coverage seat or back panel and a mesh front pouch design front side. As well are some newer designs that have a mesh front panel and strap design for the backside. These strap designs seem to be wider and shaped a bit different from the usual athletic design in holding the backside of the garment in place.

In almost all situations the pouch design will comfortably hold your boner in place. Some of the skimpier designed pouches in the Street Jock design may not.

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